Oscar Nominations 2014

The 2014 Oscar nominations were announced Thursday, January 16, in the morning, and you can voice your preferences by visiting the official site of the Academy Awards.

Below is an almost-complete list of nominees, with links to my reviews (if I have reviewed them – otherwise the links go to imdb). I have annotated the lists with notes on which nominees should win (my preferences are always in blue bold), and which shouldn’t be nominated at all. I have left off the categories where I do not feel truly qualified to comment (if I haven’t seen all of the nominees) and where I am not enough of an expert in the craft and technique (such as sound mixing), to offer an opinion. If you want to see the films that I considered the best (and worst) of 2013, you can see my selections for pictures and actors here, and my selections for the craft awards here.

Best Picture

Best Director

Lead Actress

Lead Actor

Supporting Actress

Supporting Actor


Film Editing

Original Score

Production Design

Sound Editing

Visual Effects

Adapted Screenplay

Original Screenplay