AFI DOCS (1 Interview/2 Reviews) & 1 General Interview/2 Reviews @hammertonail + 2 Reviews @filmfesttoday

In the past two weeks, here is what I’ve had published at Hammer to Nail: 1 phone interview (with Jeff Malmberg, co-director of Spettacolo) plus 2 reviews (Atomic Homefront and City of Ghosts) from the recent AFI DOCS film festival; 1 phone interview of a just-released film (with Eddie Rosenstein, the director of The Freedom to Marry) plus 2 reviews of just-released films (Score: A Film Music Documentary and Abacus: Small Enough to Jail). Film Festival Today published one review last week (The Book of Henry) and one this week (The Hero). Here are links to all 8 pieces:



Post-Fest Coverage of 2017 @MdFilmFestival @hammertonail (5 Interviews), Part 2 + Reviews of “Risk” and “Spirit Game: Pride of a Nation,” and of “Baywatch” @filmfesttoday

The second part of my coverage of the 2017 Maryland Film Festival, consisting of five interviews with filmmakers, has run over the past two weeks at Hammer to Nail. I have two more interviews pending, one that will have to wait until August when that particular film is released. Stay tuned. Hammer to Nail also ran two of my reviews of films now out online or in theaters. In addition, Film Festival Today ran my review of Baywatch. Here are links to all eight pieces:


Post-Fest Coverage of 2017 @MdFilmFestival @filmfestoday (Overall Impressions) and @hammertonail (4 Reviews), Part 1

The Maryland Film Festival (MdFF), founded in 1999 by Festival Director Jed Dietz, just ran its 2017 iteration May 3-7, in Baltimore. With 11 blocks of short films – including the traditional opening-night program of five – plus 34 features, the festival brought its usual eclectic mix of documentary and fiction, international and national, and narrative-based and experimental selections to Charm City, with some crew or cast representative from most films on hand for the post-screening Q&A’s. This year, the festival debuted its new venue, a renovated historic theater in the heart of the city, which will now become a year-round hub of curated cinema events, including movie revivals and other, more indie, fare.

You can check out my two pre-fest pieces, at BmoreArt and The Baltimore Sun’s “Roughly Speaking” podcast, here. For my post-fest coverage, I have so far had 4 reviews (the total I will do) published at Hammer to Nail, and one comprehensive article about my overall impressions published at Film Festival Today. Check them out:

Enjoy! Stay tuned for my interviews with the filmmakers I met up with at the festival, coming soon …

3 @TribecaFilm Festival Reviews + “Below Her Mouth” @hammertonail

Over the past few weeks, I have covered three films (remotely) that played at the recent 2017 Tribeca Film Festival – The Endless, The Last Animals and A River Below – for Hammer to Nail, as well as the just-released erotic lesbian-themed drama Below Her Mouth (which premiered at the 2016 Toronto Film Festival). Here are links to the articles:


Review of “Below Her Mouth” & Interview with Michał Marczak (“All These Sleepless Nights) @hammertonail + Review of “Graduation” @filmfesttoday

Two more pieces of mine ran recently on Hammer to Nail: a review of the erotic lesbian drama Below Her Mouth and an interview with Michał Marczak, director of the Polish hybrid documentary All These Sleepless Nights (which I reviewed for the site last year). On Friday, April 28, Film Festival Today ran my review of Graduation, from Romanian director Cristian Mungiu. Here are links to all three articles:


SXSW2017–Part 8 @hammertonail (5 More Reviews + 1 More Interview)

Finishing up my coverage of the 2017 SXSW Film Festival at Hammer to Nail (minus one interview, which HtN will run when the film premieres on HBO in a few weeks), here are six more pieces: 5 reviews, plus 1 interviews to accompany one of them (Mommy Dead and the Dearest is the one with the interview still pending). Here are links to my five previous SXSW 2017 posts on this blog: firstsecondthirdfourthfifthsixth and seventh. Here are links to the above-mentioned articles:


2 more @annapolisff Reviews @hammertonail + Review of “Their Finest” @filmfesttoday

Hammer to Nail finished running my coverage from the recent  Annapolis Film Festival last week with two final reviews: of AWOL and The Last Laugh. In addition, on Friday, Film Festival Today ran my review of Their Finest. Here are links to all pieces:


3 @annapolisff Reviews @hammertonail + Review of “The Fate of the Furious” @filmfesttoday

Over the past two weeks, Hammer to Nail has run three reviews of mine from the recent  Annapolis Film Festival: for The ArcherThe Islands and the Whales and Katie Says Goodbye. Two days ago, Film Festival Today ran my review of The Fate of the Furious. Here are links to all posts:


SXSW2017–Part 7 @hammertonail (3 More Reviews + 4 More Interviews)

Continuing my coverage of the 2017 SXSW Film Festival at Hammer to Nail, here are seven more pieces: 3 reviews, plus 4 interviews to accompany them (2 interviews for one of the movies, my favorite of the festival, Easy Living). Still others have already been posted on the site, but I continue to only post reviews (where I have also conducted interviews) after their accompanying interviews have been posted. More to follow (for a little longer). Here are links to my five previous SXSW 2017 posts on this blog: firstsecondthirdfourthfifth and sixth. Here are links to the above-mentioned articles: