AFI DOCS 2018 Coverage @filmfesttoday, @fogoftruth and @hammertonail

The 2018 AFI DOCS festival ran June 13-17, and here is my coverage, so far:


4 Reviews and 1 Interview @hammertonail: “Coming to My Senses,” “The Dark,” “Genderbende,” “The Island” and “Love Means Zero”

Hammer to Nail ran 5 more pieces of mine in the past few weeks, including an interview of a filmmaker whose film I saw at the Annapolis Film Festival, 2 reviews of films I saw at the Maryland Film Festival, 1 review of a film I saw at the Tribeca Film Festival, plus 1 film out in the world right now. See below for links:


9 Pieces @hammertonail: 5 Reviews and 4 Interviews

Hammer to Nail ran 9 more pieces of mine in the last week, including an interview of a filmmaker whose film I saw at the SXSW Film Festival, but which I conducted back here in Baltimore. There were 3 more interviews, of which two were from the Maryland Film Festival, plus 5 reviews. See below for links:


2 New Podcasts: @fogoftruth on “Life Underground” + @RoughlySpeaking on “Solo: A Star Wars Story”

This past Wednesday, we posted a special bonus episode of my documentary-themed podcast The Fog of Truth – available on iTunes, Soundcloud and Stitcher – on the fascinating interactive web documentary Life Undergound. Just today (Friday), Linda DeLibero and I joined Dan Rodricks on his Baltimore Sun podcast, “Roughly Speaking,” to discuss Solo: A Star Wars Story and the legacy of its franchise. Here is the link to that episode. Enjoy!