1/16/15: Midday on “Hollywood and the End of the Cold War”

[NOTE: If you missed the live show, you can still listen to its podcast.]

2015-01-16_Rodricks Collage

On Friday, January 16, Linda DeLibero – Director, Film and Media Studies, Johns Hopkins University – and I, Christopher Llewellyn Reed – Chair of Film/Video at Stevenson University – will appear on Midday with Dan Rodricks, on WYPR 88.1FM, Baltimore’s NPR News Station, during the second hour, 1-2pm, to discuss Hollywood and the End of the Cold War, a new book by Dr. Bryn Upton of McDaniel College, with the author. Here is a partial description of the text from the publisher: “In Hollywood and the End of the Cold War: Signs of Cinematic Change, Bryn Upton compares films from the late Cold War era with movies of similar themes from the post–Cold War era. In this volume, Upton pays particular attention to shifts in narrative that reflect changes in American culture, attitudes, and ideas. In exploring how the absence of the Cold War has changed the way we understand and interpret film, this volume seeks to answer several key questions such as: Has the end of the Cold War altered how we tell our stories? Has it changed how we perceive ourselves? In what ways has our popular culture been affected by the absence of this once dominant presence?”

It should be an interesting and far-ranging show! Perhaps you have your own favorites among Cold War-themed films that you would like to contribute to the conversation. If so, please join us by listening live on the radio and emailing comments at midday@wypr.org, or calling in at 410-662-8780 (locally), or toll-free at 1-866-661-9309. If you can’t listen locally, you can live-stream the podcast. If all else, fails, you can always download the podcast afterwards, either via iTunes or the Midday page.

Enjoy the show!


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