“Beauty and the Beast” @filmfesttoday + “Catfight” and SXSW2017–Part 1 @hammertonail

Now that I am writing consistently for both Hammer to Nail (for the small-budget indie stuff and documentaries) and Film Festival Today (for the bigger films), do not expect me, dear reader, to use this blog for much more than a place to catalog those other posts – to use it as a clearinghouse, of sorts – though I may still write the occasional piece solely for chrisreedfilm.com. Still, by coming here and seeing what I post, you will find quick and easy links to the work I do out in the world as a professional film critic.

I just returned from the 2017 SXSW Film Festival, in Austin, Texas, during which I saw and reviewed many films and conducted many interviews with filmmakers, only some of which have posted, so far, at Hammer to Nail. I am working on a summary piece about my overall impressions of the festival, which I will soon post at Film Festival Today. Below, please find links to selections from the coverage that has run so far, as well as to my review of the most recent Beauty and the Beast, which ran last Friday at Film Festival Today, and Onur Tukel’s Catfight, which I reviewed for Hammer to Nail just before leaving for SXSW. More to follow in the days ahead.


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