@fogoftruth Episode 706: MIKE WALLACE IS HERE and THIS IS NOT A MOVIE

For our final episode of Season 7, we invite Patricia Aufderheide, of American University, back on the show (she was Bart’s interview subject, discussing her role in developing the modern rules of Fair Use, on our August 28 bonus episode). The theme this time is the role of journalism in today’s world (and how we got here), as we review the new documentary Mike Wallace Is Here and Chris interviews director Yung Chang of This Is Not a Movie, about the journalist Robert Fisk. It’s been an exciting season, with a different guest host for each episode. Stay tuned for more foggy truths ahead, first with a few more bonuses in the months ahead, and then with a new season early in 2020. Enjoy! As always, you can find the audio of the episode on our “episodes” page, on Apple Podcasts and other sites.

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