@fogoftruth Episode 802: THE EDGE OF DEMOCRACY and CITIZEN K

Democracy is under worldwide threat, from dictators, would-be dictators and those followers who seek power at the expense of liberty. In this week’s episode, we discuss two recent documentaries about this very trend. First, with guest host Mirella Martinelli – a Brazilian filmmaker living in Florida – we review Petra Costa’s Oscar-nominated The Edge of Democracy, which tells the disturbing tale of Brazil’s takeover by right-wing forces. After that, Bart and Chris interview prolific documentarian Alex Gibney on his latest movie, Citizen K, about formerly imprisoned, and now exiled, Russian oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky. These are scary times. Be afraid, be very afraid!* As always, you can find the audio of the episode on our “episodes” page, on Apple Podcasts and other sites.

*A quote from the ad campaign for David Cronenberg’s 1986 The Fly, which we reference within the episode.

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