@fogoftruth Bonus Episode: Our Respective Top 10 Documentaries of 2018

Happy Holidays! It’s that time of year where everyone loves to assemble top-ten lists of all sorts. In this bonus episode, we each discuss our top ten documentaries of this year and the general trends we are seeing in 2018 doc films. Please note that ANY documentary that we profiled on our podcast is worth watching, even if it didn’t make the Top 10! As always, you can find the episode on our “episodes” page, on iTunesSoundCloud and Stitcher, and anywhere podcasts are generally available. Enjoy!

Our next bonus episode will air sometime in January, with reviews of films playing at the 2019 Sundance and Slamdance film festivals. A few weeks after that, we will launch our fifth season, with interviews conducted in Park City, UT, at those two film festivals, featuring the directors whose films we will have reviewed in the January bonus episode. Stay tuned!

Here are our lists:

Bart’s Top 10 List (in alphabetical order):

Chris’ Top 10 List (in alphabetical order):

Summre’s Top 10 List (in alphabetical order):

“Reel Talk” – with Chris Reed and Denise Kitashima Dutton – on “Halloween” (and Other Horror), “Boy Erased” and “They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead”

Christopher Llewellyn Reed, “Reel Talk” host, w/ Denise Kitashima Dutton, of “Atomic Fan Girl”

Welcome to the second episode of the 2018-2019 season of Dragon Digital Media‘s Reel Talk with Christopher Llewellyn Reed. My guest this time was the Atomic Fan Girl herself, Denise Kitashima Dutton, returning to the show once more. We discussed Halloween (and a little bit of Suspiria), as well as Denise’s other favorite recent horror films (and how the genre is not really my thing), plus Boy Erased and They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead, the new Netflix documentary about Orson Welles’ last film. Enjoy? Be sure to check out our first episode of the season, or even last year’s season (Episode 1Episode 2Episode 3Episode 4 and Episode 5). We’ll be back in January. Until then!

In Howard County, Maryland, you can watch the show on Channel 41 (if you’re a Verizon customer) or Channel 96 (if you’re a Comcast customer), and you can watch it online from anywhere. The fantastic Dragon Digital Media team did their usual superlative job putting this together, especially producer Karen Vadnais and director Danielle Maloney, as well as floor manager Anthony Hoos. Have fun this summer at the movies! Here’s hoping there are at least a few great films!