Mr. Reed’s Metaphysical Neighborhood Presents the Best (and Worst) Films of 2018

[For an explanation of my blog-post title, check out my “best of” list from 2013.]

Below, you will find lists of my favorite films of the year, divided by documentary (nonfiction) and narrative (fiction) formats. Not all the movies mentioned have received a significant release in 2018, though many of them did; the others may still be making the festival rounds, or may have only been released abroad, or only online (something evermore common, so almost not worth mentioning). Where I have previously written reviews of a movie (whether for Film Festival Today or Hammer to Nail), the title of that movie is hyperlinked to my original review. In the case of the one film among my Top 20 choices which I did not review, I include a brief capsule description of it, here (and link to its distributor’s website). Where, in the “honorable mentions” section, I have not reviewed a film, I have hyperlinked the title to the movie’s IMDb page. Continue reading

Season 4 of @fogoftruth Launches, with FAHRENHEIT 11/9 Review + Interview with PURE NONFICTION’s Thom Powers!

Today (here is the link) we launched Season 4 of our podcast with a review of Michael Moore’s latest inspirational polemic, Fahrenheit 11/9, and follow that up with a group interview with Thom Powers, Documentary Programmer at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), where Moore’s film just recently had its world premiere. You can find the episode in the usual spots: on our “Episodes” page, on iTunesSoundCloud and Stitcher, and anywhere podcasts are generally available.

It is a special treat to have Powers on our podcast, as he is a podcaster, himself, with not one, but two to his name: WNYC’s Documentary of the Week and Pure Nonfiction. In addition to his work for TIFF, he is also Artistic Director of America’s largest documentary festival, DOC NYC, among other gigs. Enjoy!