Post-2016 Maryland Film Festival Coverage, Part 2, for Hammer to Nail

MFF2016 Blog Post 2

I still have some movie reviews and filmmaker interviews from the recent 2016 Maryland Film Festival popping up on Hammer to Nail. Here’s what’s been published since my last MFF post:

Still pending are my interviews with director Michael Faulkner (SHU-DE!) and co-directors Livia Ungur and Sherng-Lee Huang (Hotel Dallas). Stay tuned for the final installment!

Post-2016 Maryland Film Festival Coverage, Part 1, for Bmoreart and Hammer to Nail

MFF2016 Coverage

Last week, on the Monday before the 2016 Maryland Film FestivalBmoreart published my preview piece on this year’s offerings. Today’s post is an aggregation of part of my post-festival coverage, for both Bmoreart and Hammer to Nail:

Still pending is my review of Hotel Dallas (for Hammer to Nail) and my interviews with the filmmakers of all five films that I reviewed for that site. Stay tuned!