Smith College Book Sale Documentary Trailer

I finally finished the rough cut of the documentary I have been working on since November, 2011.

Here is a little teaser (the first two minutes of the movie).

Once I get feedback from colleagues and re-cut it, I might start showing the full film to a select few.

The full rough cut is being presented at the 2012 UFVA (University Film and Video Association) Conference in Chicago, Session 11D (Friday, August 10), 1:30pm, Room 502, Luddington Building, Columbia College of Chicago, 1104 S. Wabash.

I couldn’t have made it without my two helpers, Stevenson University Film/Video alumnae Robin Christine Farrell and Michelle Rossignol. Thanks, Robin and Christine! And thanks, also, to the women of the Smith College Club of Baltimore, and especially to their President, Mary Anderson!

Here is some info on the film.


The Smith College Book Sale was started in 1959 by the Smith College Club of Baltimore to raise money for young women in Maryland who could not otherwise afford to attend Smith.  This is the story of the women of the sale who work to help other women succeed.

Detailed Description:

Smith College was founded in 1871 as an academically rigorous single-sex women’s college for young women who would have been qualified to attend the nation’s top universities had those schools admitted anyone but men.  Since then, Smith has continued to be a top school, and has remained committed to its mission to help young women achieve success in life.

The Smith College Book Sale was begun in Baltimore in the late 1950s after the women of the local alumnae association decided to raise money for an endowed scholarship program.  From the time of its inception in 1959 to the present, the annual Smith College Book Sale has raised enough money for a $1,000,000 endowment fund, which allows 2 to 3 Maryland-area women a year to attend Smith.

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