Friday, 1/4/13, Midday on Film: The Movie Star Edition

Gods Like Us

pg. 350 – Traditionally, “movie stars … have served a crucial and psychologically necessary function as role models for trying on different identities and projecting alternate ways of being.” But now, we do the same thing for ourselves.

pg. 357 – “By their very existence, movie stars insist that entropy cannot exist, that glamour and youth never fade or, if they do, get resculpted into something of harder, better value.”

Join us on January 4, 2013 at 1pm, as Linda DeLibero (Associate Director of Film and Media Studies at Johns Hopkins University) and Christopher Llewellyn Reed (Chair of the Department of Film/Video at Stevenson University) speak with Boston Globe film critic and author Ty Burr about his new book, Gods Like Us: On Movie Stardom and Modern Fame, on the second hour of Midday with Dan Rodricks on WYPR, 88.1FM, Baltimore’s NPR News Station.*

You can read a review of the book on the Entertainment Weekly website, if you’d like (it’s a good review).

We look forward to your questions via email or phone. You can listen live on 88.1 FM, in Maryland, or stream live from the show’s website (linked to, above – you’ll also find the phone and email info there). If you miss the show, you can podcast it later (and that info is also available from the show’s site).

*NOTE: Missed the show? Have no fear. Here it is: Midday with Dan Rodricks: 2013.01.04_Ty Burr

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