Oscars 2013 – My Picks

The 2013 Oscar Nominations were announced this morning. My picks are below. These are the movies that I think should win from among the nominees, not the ones I think necessarily will win.  The list is broken up into 4 separate images, with my choices highlighted in purple. I have not highlighted any of the short films, because I did not see any of them. I’m kind of cheating with the Documentaries and Foreign Films, since I’ve barely seen any of them. As a note, my 3 top films of the year are Amour, Django Unchained, and Life of Pi. If Amour were not also nominated for Best Foreign Film, I might have picked it for Best Picture. If the screenplays for Life of Pi and Django were not in separate categories (Adapted vs. Original), I would have been hard pressed to choose between them.

If you click on any of the images, it will open in a new window, with greater detail.

Reed_Oscar Nominees 2013

Reed_Oscar Nominees 2013

Reed_Oscar Nominees 2013

Reed_Oscar Nominees 2013

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