Mr. Reed’s Metaphysical Neighborhood Presents the Best Technical and Artistic Film Work of 2019

Well, the 2020 Oscar nominations are in (with snubs and odd inclusions galore!). On December 31, 2019, I published my own list of best (and worst) films of the year, and then on January 6 of this new year I published my list of best actors. Now, here is my list of favorites among the writers, cinematographers, editors, production designers, visual-effects artists, and music composers. As always, there is no need to publish a separate “best directors” list since, if the film is good, I credit the director for much of that quality (so refer back to my “best movies” list for those I consider the best directors). As with my other lists, the hyperlinked movie title will take you to my review, if one exists (or to the movie’s Rotten Tomatoes page, if one does not). In addition, I hyperlink the artists’ names to IMDb (if they have previous credits) or, for the composers, to their own personal websites (or some such thing), so you can see what other work they have produced over their careers. If they have no previous work credited, then I leave their names unlinked. For the composers list, I link to the movie’s actual soundtrack.

In each category, I have chosen only five, and list them in alphabetical order by film. Enjoy!

Best Screenplay (adapted and original, combined):

Best Cinematography:

Best Editing:

Best Production Design:

Best Visual Effects:

[Too many people to mention all, so I have simply hyperlinked, next to the title, to the movie’s crew page on IMDb page, where you can look at the multitude of people involved in the many visual-effects teams]

Best Original Score:

[Here the movie titles are linked directly to the soundtrack, on Amazon, and here the artists’ names take you to their personal websites or the closest thing]

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