February 7 @ 1pm! Midday on Cinematic Adaptation

[UPDATE: Missed the show? Please listen to the podcast!]

Midday on Adaptation

On Friday, February 7, Linda DeLibero (Director, Film and Media Studies, Johns Hopkins University), Christopher Llewellyn Reed (Chair, Film/Video, Stevenson University) and William U’Ren (Assistant Professor, English, Goucher College) will appear together on the Midday with Dan Rodricks program, on WYPR 88.1FM – Baltimore’s NPR News Station – during the second hour, 1-2pm, to discuss cinematic adaptations of literature. What are the challenges? What are the successful films drawn from books? What are the failures? Where and why have screenwriters made changes to the source text, and do those changes help or hurt the finished movie?

Do you have a favorite adaptation? A least favorite? If so, add a comment to this blog post, and tune in on February 7 @ 1! If you can’t listen locally, you can live-stream the podcast here: http://www.wypr.org/listen-live

And you can always download the podcast afterwards, either via iTunes or the Midday page: http://programs.wypr.org/podcast/midday-film-fri-feb-7-1-2-pm

Enjoy the show!

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