Mr. Reed’s Metaphysical Neighborhood Presents . . . the Good, the Bad, and the Never-Should-Have-Been-Made Movie List of 2012

Dear Readers,

What a year! I started out 2012 as a man who taught filmmaking, film history and film aesthetics, who therefore might be expected to watch slightly more films than the average person. But then, in July, I was asked to join the Midday with Dan Rodricks show on WYPR, 88.1FM, Baltimore’s NPR News Station, as a film critic, and since that time I have been watching at least twice as many films as I used to. What this means is that I have actually seen – for once – almost all of the movies that we can expect to see nominated for Oscars. Where I am weakest is in the documentary lineup, since I stupidly neglected to attend Silverdocs (a mistake I do not intend to replicate), and they get less theatrical distribution, generally, than even foreign films do.

So here are my lists. I have grouped them as follows:

  • Best Films of the Year (a lucky 13)
  • Worst Films of the Year (an unlucky 7)
  • Most Under-Appreciated Films of the Year
  • Most Over-Rated Films of the Year

There would be no point to a film list if it weren’t subjective, so if you have issues with my choices, so be it. Instead of hyper-linking to each film’s imdb page, this time I have linked to my initial review, if one exists. I was surprised to see that some films about which I held strong opinions did not have a review. Hmmmm . . . In any case, if the link takes you to imdb, you’ll know that no review exists. For some films, if I wish to remain in the local press-screening group, I must await those films’ Baltimore openings before I can post my thoughts. Within each list, I avoid rankings, but just put them in alphabetical order. Enjoy!

13 BEST FILMS OF 2012:




Happy New Year, everyone!

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